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Civil Liberties and Homeland Security -- A Fragile Balance

In this age of increased monitoring, invasive security procedures, and unprecedented law enforcement access to citizens' private information, there is a tremendous challenge facing companies that seek to provide products and services in the growing Homeland Security market.

In our opinion, many of the seemingly intractable conflicts between privacy and security are simply failures of imagination and planning. When you take privacy concerns into consideration from the outset, there are often ways to achieve useful amounts of intelligence without subjecting citizens to unwarranted scrutiny. These solutions can be as complex as the techniques and technologies being employed, but PrivacyClue consultants have wide ranging expertise and backgrounds that allow them to bring a fresh set of eyes, and unique creativity, to thorny challenges.

If your Homeland Security solution is worth deploying, it's worth considering how to make it "privacy-proof" by showing your customers that you've thought through how best to answer the challenges of the most critical and skeptical eyes.

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