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The minefield of privacy issues facing e-commerce firms regularly rewards missteps with regulatory investigations, plummeting stock values, and shareholder lawsuits. Struggling e-commerce firms cannot afford to make mistakes with consumer privacy issues. Yet, meeting revenue pressures is forcing companies to be more vigorous with marketing efforts targeted at consumers. Integrated, multichannel CRM systems are enabling unprecedented opportunities to combine online and offline data -- a hot-button issue for federal regulators, legislators, and privacy advocates.

PrivacyClue's consultants know where the privacy mines are laid and with PrivacyClue helping guide the way, your chances of emerging unscathed are dramatically increased.

Do you know that you have privacy issues, but you're not sure how PrivacyClue can help? We specialize in:

privacy policy development and review
fixed-price, rapid assessments of your privacy posture
awareness-raising informational and training programs for staff of all levels
sheparding your privacy team through the "trustmark" seal program process
outreach efforts to the privacy advocacy community
tracking of pending legislation at the federal and state level

In this difficult market for many e-commerce firms, PrivacyClue offers short- and long-term engagement options at hourly rates or time-limited projects for fixed fees, with more flexibility in scope and cost than most law firms, "Big Five" accounting/consulting firms, or even other privacy "boutiques."

Buying a Clue is more affordable than you think. The question is, how costly is being Clueless?

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