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Mobile Tech & Sillycon Valley Biz02 Apr 2005 02:30 am

SonyEricsson P910aAnybody who knows me knows that when I have a new toy, it sucks up all my attention like some kind of black hole. On Thursday I got a new mobile phone, a SonyEricsson P910a, which is part phone, part PDA, and all cool.

There is much that I have loved over the years about my PDA, the venerable Tungsten T. Unfortunately, the lame SOBs at PalmOne (nee Palm) have made it increasingly difficult to stand by my old stand-by. It seems that customer service and support have gone the way of the Dodo at PalmOne, and judging by the numbers of colleagues who have sworn off ever buying another Palm device, PalmOne itself is probably well on its way to extinction. As best I can tell, they exist these days primarily to license their operating system to the folks at Handspring… who actually know how to serve customers. (more…)

Mobile Tech & News & Culture & Privacy & Spam & Tech21 Feb 2005 11:44 pm

Federal investigators lured a teenage extortionist to Los Angeles, where they arrested him for threatening to send SPIM (Spam sent via Instant Message) users of Also, the full scope of the ChoicePoint debacle is becoming clear. And Paris Hilton’s phonebook got hacked off T-Mobile’s servers. It’s another full plate of news for my usual hour of The David Lawrence Show.

Friends & Family & Mobile Tech & Tech15 Feb 2005 11:26 pm

In honor of Justin’s surprise “Best In Show” award at the 3GSM Conference in Cannes, France, the entire third hour of The David Lawrence Show tonight will be devoted to Justin and his technical prowess. Oh yeah, and I’m doing my usual thing in the first hour of the show. And Justin even gets to share the air, briefly, with TV’s Wil Wheaton. How cool is that?!?

As usual, users of PayPal and BitPass can easily and cheaply download the audio from David Lawrence’s site. It’s worth a listen… funny stuff!

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