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Good Eats & Miscellany11 Jun 2007 11:24 pm

My friends and family all know that my partner and I are pretty fond of Las Vegas. It’s a great town, full of excitement and really great times. From the amazing shows to the fantastic food, we love Vegas.

In recent months, I’ve become hooked on two podcasts that are all about Vegas. The first was The Strip Podcast, with Steve Friess and Miles Smith. It’s a fantastic show, in no small part due to the incredible interviews that Steve gets through his work as a freelance journalist for some pretty major news publications. His blog and podcast have gotten attention because he has broken a few big scoops about various Las Vegas business and entertainment happenings. Miles is no slouch either: he’s the producer on the nightly news at a Vegas television station.

If you’re at all interested in some of the behind-the-scenes things happening in Vegas, or just want really interesting insights into the happenings of the *real* city that never sleeps from the perspective of some locals whose jobs involve digging into what’s really happening, check out The Strip Podcast.

But the real reason for this blog post is that I have created my first new cocktail, inspired by a call from my other favorite Las Vegas-related podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight. Hosted by Tim and Michele Dressen from their home in Minnesota, “FHBM” comes from the perspective that most of us have: occasional visitors to Vegas who spend their time between visits… planning their next visit! :-)

On their most recent show, Michele put out a request: they want a FHBM drink. I have attempted to rise to the challenge!

Searching my vast memories of drinking… well, only half-vast anyway… I actually remembered a drink I’d had a few years ago called the “Five In the Morning.” I also remembered reading it in a cocktail recipe book I got for Christmas a few years ago. As I recalled, the drink is a little bit like a Long Island Iced Tea, just smaller, with a few fewer ingredients, and with a slightly sweeter taste.

To turn the Five In the Morning into something different, I was inspired to change some of the ingredients based upon a comment from Michele: “…maybe something with Captain Morgan’s in it…” Having been a long time fan of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, and in particular their incredibly smooth “Private Stock,” it wasn’t hard for me to think up a way to make the Five In the Morning a little different. So, in the great tradition of cocktail invention — namely taking an existing drink and changing a couple of things to make a new drink — I have created…

The Five Hundy By Midnight Cocktail


* Ice
* 3/4 oz Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum (Private Stock if available)
* 3/4 oz Tequila
* 3/4 oz Gin
* 3/4 oz Vodka
* 3/4 oz Triple sec
* 3 oz Orange juice
* 1 oz Sour mix

Mixing instructions:

Place ice in glass and pour in the five liquors, followed by the orange juice and the sour mix. Shake and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

I tried making one tonight and it was pretty good. I might tinker with some of the amounts of things over time, but there you have it! The Five Hundy By Midnight. I hope Michele and Tim enjoy it half as much as I’ve enjoyed their podcast.

And if Steve and Miles want a cocktail, they just have to ask. :D

Friends & Family & Good Eats12 May 2005 10:22 am

Crown Candy Kitchen in St. LouisMy father sent me an interesting item from AOL this morning. (Unfortunately it’s buried on the AOL proprietary service so I can’t give you a URL.) But it was a fun little write up about one of the menu items at famous St. Louis eatery, the Crown Candy Kitchen. An institution in one of the decrepit corners of St. Louis (which could well be seeing a renaissance by now — I haven’t been there in almost a decade :( ), Crown is known for great homemade candy, but especially for one of the best bowls of chili in the Midwest.

Burger at Dooley's in St. LouisWhen I was a teenager, I lived for two years in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin. (Go Parkway South Patriots!) Sometimes when my Dad had work to do on weekends, he would take my brother and me downtown to his office, and after he was done with work we’d try out different lunch places. Crown was a favorite, along with Dooley’s, an odd little pub and burger joint where the outstanding burgers are topped with a huge dollop of whipped processed cheddar cheese (the orange blob in the picture).

Ah… good times! Thanks Dad for a blast from the past, and for introducing us to these great institutions in the first place.

Good Eats & Privacy & Tech11 May 2005 12:31 pm

fingerprint scanner at AmphoraI was back in the Washington, DC, area this past week and took the time to visit one of my old haunts, a wonderful 24-hour Greek diner in Vienna, VA, called Amphora Restaurant (and Bakery). All through my undergraduate studies at nearby George Mason University, I subsisted on the Amphora’s Greek Burgers, fried zucchini, ‘breakfast served all day’ and, of course, their awesome cheescake which is annually rated as the “Best in Washington.”

On this visit, however, I noticed something odd sitting by the cash register as I paid the check: a fingerprint scanner. I asked the manager what it was for, and she said it was part of their wait-staff check management system. For example, many restaurants have systems where the wait staff can swipe a magnetic card and call up all their open tabs. This system apparently takes things a step further, using a fingerprint to verify the identity instead of an additional passcode.

I’m not sure the midnight dinner tabs at a Greek diner require that much security — although CIA headquarters is only about 7 miles up that very same road — but it’s interesting to know that one of America’s greatest late-night eateries is keeping up with the times.