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I read it on Yahoo! News, so it must be true! ;-) I now work for email reputation services firm Habeas!

I’ve known the folks at Habeas for a long time and I’m really excited to finally get the chance to work with them directly. As Director of Email Policy, I’ll be working directly for Habeas’s CEO Des Cahill in revising (or in some cases, establishing) the policies that will drive Habeas’s new and existing products and services in the growing market for reputation services. I’ll also be bringing my experience in building privacy and security related services and technologies as Habeas expands its offerings into some new and exciting directions.

This move also represents something of a homecoming for me — after several years of work on security and authentication startups, I’m coming back to the issues of spam and email marketing where I first started almost fifteen years ago. A lot has changed in that time, and one of the things I’m able to bring to Habeas is that perspective on the past (a/k/a where all the bodies are buried) along with my experiences in related issues facing other industries.

Here’s the press release which went out this week and was picked up on Yahoo! Business.

Habeas Appoints Ray Everett-Church as Director of Email Policy
Privacy Guru to Lead Habeas’s Email Policy and Compliance Services for Volume Senders

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–Jul 17, 2007 — Habeas, Inc. (, the industry leader in email reputation services, today announced Ray Everett-Church has joined the company as Director of Email Policy.

In this role, Everett-Church will be responsible for the ongoing stewardship of Habeas’s email policy, as well as maintaining working relationships with ISP abuse desks, blocklists and anti-spam technology providers.

The addition of Everett-Church allows Habeas to expand its excellent support services to email senders and educate them on email best practices. In addition, the appointment further enhances Habeas’ ability to provide leadership and guidance on policy and sender requirements for audit, Safelist and compliance services for volume senders.

“Ray is an amazing addition to the Habeas family. His industry experience and qualifications make him the perfect person to help drive our compliance and best practices efforts,” said Des Cahill, CEO of Habeas. “As we continue to provide support and expert analysis for senders that will help them deliver email, Ray’s expertise will bolster our effectiveness in communicating the company’s compliance message to our many constituencies.”

Everett-Church is an internationally recognized expert on privacy law and Internet-related public policy, having served as founder and principal of PrivacyClue LLC and Vice President of Consulting with ePrivacy Group LLC.

Widely recognized as the “dean of corporate privacy officers,” he has provided consulting services to numerous companies such as Microsoft, AOL, Comcast, Pfizer, HSBC and Kimberly-Clark. Everett-Church co-authored “Internet Privacy for Dummies,” and continues to be a frequent commentator on legal and technology issues involving Internet privacy and security.

Prior to practicing law, Everett-Church worked as an independent consultant to the online services industry regarding legal, technical and policy issues.

About Habeas, Inc.
Habeas is an email Reputation Services Provider that offers solutions for legitimate senders to monitor and manage their email reputation to ensure maximum deliverability. Habeas sender reputation services include Habeas Audit for reputation assessment, Habeas Delivery Monitor for managing reputation information, and Habeas SafeList, the most broadly referenced Internet whitelist. Habeas also enables enterprises and ISPs to more efficiently process their inbound email and make better delivery decisions via its Reputation Network. This network is comprised of sender reputation information collected from four and a half million receiving systems in over 190 countries. For more information, visit

Some of you might be asking what this means for my involvement with AGLOCO. With the successful release of the AGLOCO Viewbar, the reality is that there is much less need for a full-time Privacy Officer, especially at this stage of the company when the team is so small and resources are tight. Of course there remain many privacy-related issues facing AGLOCO, and that is why I’ll be sticking around, just in a different way. I will become chairman of AGLOCO’s Privacy Advisory Council.

Later this Summer, we hope to be announcing the names of a few more people who will be joining me on the Privacy Advisory Council. Together, this body will be on-call to advise and counsel the AGLOCO executive team as they continue to build out the service. We’ll meet regularly with the executive and technical teams to review current practices, look forward to new services, and tackle the challenges that inevitably arise in trying to deliver the best value to members. I believe very strongly in the future prospects of AGLOCO (heck, I’ve got 38,000 referrals!!! Thanks David Lawrence! ;-) ), and am committed to doing everything I can to see that AGLOCO continues on is excellent trajectory towards success.

AGLOCO & Personal & Podcast & Sillycon Valley Biz21 Nov 2006 11:34 pm

As many astute readers of this blog may notice, I’ve not been blogging too much lately. And if you’re also a listener to The David Lawrence Show, you will have a good idea why: I’ve been up to my eyeballs with the launch of my new company, AGLOCO.

AGLOCO — which is an acronym of sorts, short for “A Global Community” — is a modern incarnation of the Infomediary concept that I helped to pioneer back during the “dotcom” days with AllAdvantage. At AGLOCO, I am a co-founder (along with a couple of former AllAdvantage founders and a new cast of thousands*) and Chief Privacy Officer. Oh, and de facto General Counsel (at least until we have enough money to hire a better lawyer). ;-)

( * Okay, not a cast of thousands… But we’ve got about a dozen Stanford students that are running most of the operations. Actually, we may very well be the largest single employer of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2007…)

What is AGLOCO?

At it’s core, AGLOCO is an Infomediary. What’s that?

On the Internet, advertisers and marketers are eagerly and greedily gathering information about you, your interests, your shopping patterns, and other pieces of your personal information. They use this information to build a “profile” which can be used to target advertisements to you. In fact, some “data brokerage” companies will sell that profile information — your information! — to the highest bidder.

An infomediary turns this equation upside down by working as an agent on behalf of consumers to gather the same kind of data profile, but this time the profile is kept private and under the ultimate control of the consumer. The infomediary then pays consumers a share of the advertising revenue. As the community of users grows, and the quality of the targeting profile improves, the infomediary can provide advertisers with a richer and more valuable advertising audience and in turn the infomediary can deliver more value back to the community.

If you look today at the most vibrant communities on the Internet, places like MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and, the members of those communities have made those sites into incredible successes. When MySpace sold to News Corp. for $580 Million, how much money did the users of MySpace make? When YouTube sold to Google for $1.65 Billion, how much of that money went to those lip-syncing Korean guys and the other thousands of users who made the site such a success?

Don’t get me wrong: I think the folks who create exciting websites and think up innovative “Web 2.0” concepts deserve to be rewarded for their creativity and their vision. But so do the users, without whom those sites would be nothing more than cute little ideas with no audience. Now, some will say that the users of YouTube or MySpace get value because they get the enjoyment of participating in the community and creating wacky webpages… all of which they get for the low, low price of FREE!

Yeah, well… one of our founding team stumbled upon a quote that sums up my feelings: Sometimes “Free” is Too Expensive!

AGLOCO will be the only (at least until somebody swipes the idea) Internet community where all the Members who come together to make it a success will actually share in the wealth created by their hard work and dedication. If “Web 2.0 is all about user empowerment, AGLOCO is empowering a virtual revolution!

For more information, please check out AGLOCO and if you want to sign up, please use my referral number: AGLO-0009. You can also learn more about AGLOCO by checking out my exclusive Podcast Interview with David Lawrence. I did a written interview for the AGLOCO website, too.

Listen to the Podcast here. <img src=""

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