May 2007

Gay Rights & News & Culture27 May 2007 11:35 pm

He was anything but boring. Tony Award-winning actor and 95-time(!) guest on the Tonight Show, Charles Nelson Reilly has passed away at age 76. Quite by coincidence, I’ve spent a lot of this past week watching old episodes of Match Game on the Game Show Network. (This is what happens when Justin goes travelling for a week and leaves me alone to tend the kitties.)

A few months ago, our TiVo happened to capture an episode of Match Game as a “Suggestion” and we watched it and nearly wet ourselves laughing. I remember watching the show as a kid and found it funny then, but now it’s so much funnier.

We’ve set up a Season Pass for it, we always have about 25 episodes queued up and I watch them while cooking or just to pass the time. I would recommend that you try catching a few old shows yourself. It’s worth the effort!

The show is such an amazing artifact; an incredible snapshot of culture from the mid 1970s through the 1980s, from clothing to the who’s who of B-list and C-list stars, to the sometimes bizarre “matches” drawn from the cultural awareness of the day. And to see Charles Nelson Reilly, so obviously gay and yet so incredibly loved by his fellow panelists and the audience so many years ago, he was quite a force for change… and humor.

Goodbye, Charles!

Here’s some YouTube clips for your entertainment.

Radio Show22 May 2007 11:20 pm

Here are tonight’s news items that I’ll be talking about on when I join my friend, David Lawrence, for my weekly segment on his radio show, The David Lawrence Show:

Tech shooting panel invokes privacy as it meets, tours sites

Couple roused naked from bed by cops lose privacy case

Lone Democrat quits White House Privacy Panel

Remember, you can always download the audio of this hour, or any hour, from David Lawrence’s website for a micro-payment of 25ยข. You can also subscribe to them via iTunes at David Lawrence Unplugged and have them automatically downloaded to your computer.

Friends & Family09 May 2007 09:03 pm

It was my great honor and privilege to be my brother’s Best Man at his wedding last Saturday. It was a lovely ceremony, Scott’s bride Margaret was radiant, and everything came off without a hitch. Even the quirky Florida weather stayed nice until after the wedding (the typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm held off until just as we were about to leave the church).

The official pictures will be coming along soon, but I collected a few pictures from several attendees. I would have taken some pictures myself, but I was otherwise occupied. :-)