I keep waiting for somebody to point out the larger issue arising from the tragic pet food poisoning story. One supplier with a tainted product has manged to kill several hundred pets, sicken thousands, and cripple a huge chunk of the pet food market.

All indicators are that this was an accident. Just think if somebody did it on purpose and did it in a more nefarious way… and did it to some additive in the human food supply. What kind of disaster could be wrought?

Our food supply is the terrorism risk that nobody ever wants to talk about because it’s so scary. We rely on so few processors and vendors for certain things, such as processed corn syrup (a food stuff nearly unknown before the 1950s), that one bad actor with a devious plan could make us afraid to eat or drink nearly anything.

I am deeply saddened by the tragic deaths of so many dogs and cats. But their deaths won’t have been meaningless if we use this opportunity to focus on the risks to our food supply.