After reading the current controversy about the ABC “docu-drama” The Path to 9/11, it’s pretty clear that the wholesale story line fabrications, extensive right-wing connections of the producers, and the propaganda-laced Student Study Guides are what pass for masturbation fodder for Bush Administration loyalists.

So, today I had an idea for a docu-drama: the story opens with Robert Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Co., snorting cocaine off the belly of an underage Thai hooker. He has a flashback to a drug-fueled orgy he had with George W. Bush in the 1970s in which he learned the finer points of snorting cocaine off hookers’ bellies. He is roused from his stupor by the insistent clatter of a unicorn banging its horn against the door jamb of his hotel room, reminding him he’s late for his meeting to discuss some script notes about Pirates of the Caribbean III.

I think it’s a winner. It’s quite fanciful, but by throwing in one true story element — George W. Bush’s coke habit — the rest of the “docu-drama” can be just as easily passed off as reality, much as ABC hopes to do with The Path to 9/11.

Before you send me hate mail, I realize how absurd my story premise is. Iger would never involve himself in script decisions… he has people to do that for him.