A friend called me this week to say he’d scored some tickets to see Leslie Jordan this weekend. I have to admit that I wasn’t quite sure who she was. :-D Turns out, she’s a he… and he’s a big ol’ queen in a little tiny package.

If you’ve watched Will and Grace, or Boston Legal in the last few seasons, you’ve seen the diminutive (4′ 11″) Leslie in some brilliant performances. Dedicated queer-watchers will remember his occasional appearances on Will and Grace as the character Beverley Leslie, Karen Walker’s nemesis.

But he has a lengthy and impressive career as a character actor, including an old performance from the 1980s with comedian George Lopez… an experience which he credits during the show as helping him to survive a stint in the LA County Jail.

In his one-man show, Like A Dog on Linoleum, he takes his audience through selected swaths of his life, from his Army father who died when he was age 11, to his escaping from rural Tennessee to various southern gay meccas like Miami, Key West, and Atlanta, and his eventual arrival in Hollywood to pursue his acting dreams. Along the way he did a lot of drugs, had a lot of sex, and eventually learned some powerful things about himself.

The show is hilariously funny, brutally honest about his crazy past, and clearly carries a message from a deep place in his heart. If you have a chance to check out his show before it leaves San Francisco on July 2, you’re in for a treat. Tickets are reasonably priced and the intimate venue is perfect for his very personal show.