This week I heard Senator Bill Frist, Rep. Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchannan, and other Republicans suggesting that we should round up and deport the estimated 11 million “illegals” in the US and deport them back to Mexico.

Forgetting for a moment that our economy can’t cope with removing 11 million people from the workforce, and neither can our tax revenues, and setting aside that they’re not all *FROM* Mexico in the first place… How do you handle the logistics of corralling and deporting 11 million people?

As I listened to one news commentator say what a colossal logistical nightmare such a task would be, it occured to me that the answer is simple enough: Godwin’s Law.

Roughly stated, Godwin’s Law says that the longer an argument continues, the chances of somebody invoking Hitler or Nazis approaches 100%. Unfortunately, for too many of this administration’s activities, the parallels to the Third Reich don’t have to wait to the end of the debate — they start there!

So, luckily for Frist, Tancredo, and Buchannan, many of the blueprints, train tables, and staffing projections for handling that process are in the evidence files for the Nuremburg Tribunals. Who’d have guessed those would come in handy again!

It’s not “illegals” that threaten America, it’s stupidity.