According to Russian news agency Interfax (reported via, notorious Russian spammer Vardan Kushnir was found beaten to death in his Moscow apartment yesterday.

It’s not exactly the sort of penalty you wish on even the most incorrigible of spammers, but there must have been something more going on here. Even in what, by many accounts, is a lawless and out-of-control Russia, it’s difficult to believe that people would be so infuriated by spams for English-language training courses (the main business of Mr. Kushnir, apparently) that they would beat someone to death. A nickel says we’ll learn later that there was some Russian mob connection… just you watch.

Thank goodness that I live in America, where the morons who have been blaming me for spamming them this past week (which, of course, I didn’t!!!), are content to simply send whiny emails.