As Microsoft continues to make doe-eyes towards the malware impresarios at Claria, the PR flacks are practicing their Tae-Bo moves in contorting themselves to explain why MS’s anti-spyware utility no longer recommends removal of Claria’s garbage.

According to a CNet article today, MS has issued a public statement to explain why it’s given Claria’s malware the kid-gloves treatment. According to the statement:

We also decided that adjustments should be made to the classification of Claria software in order to be fair and consistent with how Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) handles similar software from other vendors.

So there you have it… you can count on Microsoft’s anti-spyware utility to recommend that you “ignore” unwanted software by any vendor whose reputation is as bad as Claria’s.

As Microsoft puts it:

Microsoft is committed to helping protect our customers from spyware and other unwanted software by providing guidance and technology solutions. We firmly believe that people should have complete control over what runs on their computers.

Except when they’re interested in buying the company whose software has seized control of your computer, apparently.