Crown Candy Kitchen in St. LouisMy father sent me an interesting item from AOL this morning. (Unfortunately it’s buried on the AOL proprietary service so I can’t give you a URL.) But it was a fun little write up about one of the menu items at famous St. Louis eatery, the Crown Candy Kitchen. An institution in one of the decrepit corners of St. Louis (which could well be seeing a renaissance by now — I haven’t been there in almost a decade :( ), Crown is known for great homemade candy, but especially for one of the best bowls of chili in the Midwest.

Burger at Dooley's in St. LouisWhen I was a teenager, I lived for two years in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin. (Go Parkway South Patriots!) Sometimes when my Dad had work to do on weekends, he would take my brother and me downtown to his office, and after he was done with work we’d try out different lunch places. Crown was a favorite, along with Dooley’s, an odd little pub and burger joint where the outstanding burgers are topped with a huge dollop of whipped processed cheddar cheese (the orange blob in the picture).

Ah… good times! Thanks Dad for a blast from the past, and for introducing us to these great institutions in the first place.