Penn & Teller's Bullshit! on ShowtimeJust got my reminder email from Showtime that Season 3 of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! starts Monday, April 25.

The purpose of the show is to debunk myths and scams, some of which permeate our daily lives. They’ve taken on topics like Alien Abductions, Bottled Water, Feng Shui, The War on Drugs, Creationism, P.E.T.A., Tantric Sex, Hypnosis, Ouija Boards, Aphrodisiacs, and many other interesting topics, and sorted out the facts from… well… the bullshit!

Some of the shows are pretty eye-opening, such as the one that suggested a lot of recycling programs are not only generating as much pollution as they claim to be avoiding, but their main benefit may be to further pad the already stuffed pockets of corporations who cynically ride the “Earth-friendly” wave when pitching over-priced recycling services to elected officials who want to look like they are being environmentally sensitive.

Anyway, Bullshit! is itself a good enough reason to subscribe to Showtime, but if you need more, then don’t forget that Showtime is the home of Queer as Folk, Dead Like Me, and Huff. So if you don’t subscribe already, you’re already missing some amazing programming.