Felix the Wheezy CatWe’ve had a scary couple of weeks, waiting on some tests for one of our cats, Felix. He’s been coughing alot lately and the doctor was concerned that it was related to his heart, with the worst-case scenario being the onset of congestive heart failure. But a visit today with the veterinary cardiologist showed that his heart wasn’t the problem (thank God!).

So with that ruled out, the doctor prescribed something called Theophylline, which is also a popular drug for treating bronchitis in humans. He asked where I wanted it filled, so I directed him to phone the prescription into our neighborhood Walgreen’s pharmacy.

When I arrived to pick it up, the handsome young pharmacist gave me copies of the Walgreen’s Privacy Policy and earnestly stated that all “new patients” needed to review the Privacy Policy and sign to indicate that they’d read it. I indicated that Felix didn’t read, but that I’d read it to him so that he’d understand it. Okay, said the pharmacist, but I needed to sign on Felix’s behalf to indicate that the notice had been provided.

Later that evening, when informed of his privacy rights under HIPAA, Felix purred contentedly, no doubt assured that he would not be unduly harassed by marketers.