Got a call this morning from a reporter for the National Journal’s Technology Daily (~$5,000/yr subscription required!) newsletter. She asked a very interesting question: How many of those who are complaining about the makeup of the committee actually applied to be on the committee?

It’s a fair question. I don’t know why others didn’t apply, but I didn’t for two reasons, one practical and one substantive. First, having helped raise millions of dollars for Democrats over the years, and given the current “scorched earth” approach with regard to the political landscape, I would never have been approved. Second, as I told the TechDaily reporter, given this administration’s trackrecord of ignoring contrary opinions on many important matters, as a life-long holder of contrary opinions I was skeptical that those opinions would make much difference.

The reporter declined to use my snarkiest comment though… in which I said, “there’s certain to be a wide diversity of opinions, ranging from the Heritage Foundation all the way to Cato Institute… that’s over 20 blocks of Massachusetts Avenue worth of differences!”

Well, I thought it was clever…